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He has over 650 peer reviewed and 195 non-peer reviewed publications.  He has published over 300 book chapters and is the editor of over 54 textbooks and co-editor of OKU-Spine I and editor of OKU-8.  Dr. Vaccaro also serves as Co-Director of the Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of the Delaware Valley and  Co-Director of Spine Surgery and the Spine Fellowship program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where he instructs current fellows and residents in the diagnosis and treatment of various spinal problems and disorders.

My diet for the most part if pretty laid back. I stay lean year round, and aim on making lean gains without ever having to go into a “bulking” phase. I follow the idea of going SLIGHTLY over my maintenance calories, allowing myself to grow while still being relatively lean. Of course I do my best to eat as clean as possible, but I have always believed that if your nutrition is not enjoyable, you aren’t going to follow it. If I were to ever prepare for a competition, at that point I would of course really crack down on myself and my nutrition. I have developed enough control to be able to manipulate my body to my liking, whether it be for a photo shoot, vacation, or something else that calls for me to be shredded. At these times, I will resort to counting my macronutrients for complete manipulation in “bulking up,” or “cutting down.”

Zach zeiler steroids

zach zeiler steroids


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