Vascularity without steroids

We also offer Velasmooth, a non surgical treatment option for skin firming, reduction of centimetres, and treatment of cellulite. Approved by the FDA, you are assured of an effective yet safe method of improving skin appearance in those difficult areas of the thigh and bum. It is also useful on your tummy, back, upper arms and jaw line.
This treatment works by the proven combination of Endermologie ( vacuum assisted deep massage), radiofrequency and infrared light for tissue warming, oxygenation and Collagen tightening. Because each session lasts 30 to 45 minutes with no cutting or anaesthetic required, you can return to your work or shopping with no recovery time needed.

There is debate as to the cause, although hematogenous seeding of the offending organism is favored as well as direct spread. It is important to differentiate between spontaneous discitis which is usually from hematologic spread from a urinary or respiratory infection versus that from a post-operative complication which usually involves skin flora such as staph aureus . It can be caused due to spinal tuberculosis and spread along spinal ligament to involve the adjacent anterior vertebral bodies, causing angulation of the vertebrae with subsequent kyphosis . [2]

Vascularity without steroids

vascularity without steroids


vascularity without steroidsvascularity without steroidsvascularity without steroidsvascularity without steroidsvascularity without steroids