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In the prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins , Bane is the leader of a gang, providing some of his chief lieutenants with venom tanks that they can use in their fights with Batman, albeit with a comparatively limited physical effect; none of the henchmen shown using the venom demonstrate anything more than a conventionally muscular physique. Bane is originally shown as a very well-built, sumo-wrestler-esque figure, but develops into the mutated state depicted in earlier games when he gives himself a large dosage of a Titan prototype, the drugs subsequently damaging his mind and apparently erasing his memory of Batman's secret identity.

Clearly, not all men taking steroids are athletes trying on improve, somewhat unfairly, their performance. For regular folks, two main factors seem to be at the core of the issue: poor body image and a narrow-minded idea of masculinity. Seeking giant muscle mass may represent an attempt to solidify fragile self-esteem. Bodybuilders report the greatest use of anabolic steroids along with significant body dissatisfaction and lower self-esteem. Psychologist Perry Halkitis examined how gay hypermasculine norms are risk factors interfering with optimal health, and how steroid use specifically was higher in a sample of gay men who defined their masculinity in terms of social behavior. Dr. Halkitis concluded that steroid use may be intimately linked to health and psychological states that characterize the gay community at large, calling us to task.

Super steroid man

super steroid man


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