Super soldier serum steroids

However, it should be noted that before turning our dreams into a reality, the Stanford scientist explicitly states NOT to try this at home - even if you happen to have a science lab at your disposal!

As any Cap fan knows, Steve Rogers was lucky enough to gain his abilities with the aid of a 'Super-Soldier Serum,' which drastically enhanced his strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, healing ability, and tolerance to fatigue poisons. In reality, this change is called 'epigenetic modification,' a science used to modify genetic attributes. In other words, epigenetic modification can be used to achieve 'peak physical fitness' - which is the prime purpose of the super-soldier serum.

The most common set of powers granted by is that of exceeding peak human potential. This means the individual is capable of lifting around 800 pounds over their heads [28] [28] , running at speeds up to 30-35 miles per hour and for some users is higher [28] , and due to the Super Soldier Serum's ability to counteract the acids in the muscle that cause fatigue, allowing the individual to maintain strenuous physical activity for up to a hour on end before tiring. [28] The serum also increases the individual's metabolism, allowing them to heal faster than a normal human, giving them enhanced durability. Along with increased durability, the increased metabolism Super Soldiers enjoy also grants them immunity from nearly any poison known to man, due to their body's ability to process it faster than the effects can cause harm to their body. This includes most known drugs and alcohol which have no effect on a recipient.

During his research, Erskine developed a special diet and isometric exercise regime that he theorized would create a super-soldier. However, the program was rejected by the US government because it required a lifetime of adherence in order to produce the desired results. The research was passed though Erskine's family and was used by his grandson as the basis for both a successful organic food business and the physical development of his own son Michael van Patrick . Micheal's peak human physiology proved the accuracy of Erskine's theories. [4]

Super soldier serum steroids

super soldier serum steroids


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