Steroid era saved baseball

I will go ahead post on this. Here’s a little bit about me. In my early to mid twenties I was big into body building but was having a rather difficult time putting weight on, I am 6’6″. After a couple years I couldn’t break the 225lbs weight barrier. I dediced to take steriods, it was very common in my local gym. Well not only did I break through my weight barrier I ended up getting to around 260lbs. It was not till a couple years later that I learned of what damage I had done to my body, I ended up blowing the tendons out in my feet because I had gotten too big. The funny thing is that when I questioned my doctor after my surgeries about a specific steroid, he told me to take it if I could get it, but he could not give it to me.

To give you an idea of how charming Fritz Zwicky was, when he was working at Aerojet, a bunch of customers from the military, including two admirals, showed up for an appointment to check on his progress. Zwicky met them at the gate demanding that they leave because they weren't scientists and were therefore absolutely unqualified to look at the stuff they were, um, buying. Outside of work, his solution to winning arguments was to try and punch people, which was mostly found adorable because he was a little old man who could be pummeled easily.

Steroid era saved baseball

steroid era saved baseball


steroid era saved baseballsteroid era saved baseballsteroid era saved baseballsteroid era saved baseballsteroid era saved baseball