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I have learned something of Kennedy's character from reading his writings and speeches. These reveal that he had a true quality of leadership that was firm without being belligerent, that was positive-looking and saw the best possibilities of human nature, but was not afraid to oppose behavior that thought was wrong. The following excerpt from a press conference during the middle of his term shows how Kennedy dealt with a range of issues from the time, including price controls on steel and foreign relations with Cuba, Japan, and South Vietnam.

<< productivity is much lower in your utopia.>>

That is EXACTLY my point. The Germans have lower "productivity" because they do not permit their CEO's to fire half the people in a plant and then cut the wages and the benefits of the rest. They have made a decision that it is better to have full employment and a REASONABLE level of productivity than to have one-third of their people out of work like we do.

Productivity has no value if the people don't share in it. The hallmark of a Great Depression is a factory of stupendous productivity that stands idle because nobody can afford to buy what it produces. Productivity must be shared by raising wages and keeping people employed even if the economy is slack from time to time.

The Germans value employment because in their country Adolph Hitler rose to power during a time when people couldn't find work. Absent the opportunity to work people radicalize into extremist groups. Then you have a civil war between Communists and Fascists. Either a Communist like Stalin or a Fascist like Hitler rises to power to restore order by force.

As a result of experience they regulate their companies to put more of a premium of keeping people on the job than in squeezing every last cent out of the business by unfairly burdening the workers. They've learned that full employment adds more value to the country collectively than would be the case if they allowed crazy cost-cutting corporate maniacs to disemploy the labor force so's the executives could pocket their paychecks and pensions.

You have to remember that the economy sits on top of a political pyramid. If the economy doesn't benefit most of the people they will not sustain it politically. Germany has developed a pro-employment economy that is supported by the people. Our pro-1% economy ISN'T supported by the majority. The King of the 1%'ers was NOT elected President. The "community organizer" who does have a heart for the 99% was. Changes are being made toward making the economy work better for the 99% even if the theoretical measure of "productivity" has to be lowered.

Somanabolico maximizador de musculos mercadolibre

somanabolico maximizador de musculos mercadolibre


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