Liquid steroid for croup side effects

If your doctor does recommend a steroid injection to help control your response, keep in mind that steroid tablets (oral corticosteroids) are more likely to cause side effects than injections, especially if taken for more than several days in a row. Side effects can sometimes include worsened skin reactions at the site of the injection, muscle and joint pain or swelling, puffiness, weakness, and thinning and lightening of the skin. ( 14 ) Your skin is also more prone to sunburns and irritation from anything you put onto it after a steroid injection, so take precaution.

Bill, thanks very much for your thorough reply. I am wondering if there is anything there that would flush out meds as I do need to take some. I also hear that ginger is a great anti inflammatory, but am unsure of how much you should use. I have some ground ginger and raw ginger, but am not sure if you could add a spoonful to soups or cooking or even raw ginger itself, and especially what amounts to use. Also, would ginseng be helpful for this ailment. You state about Vitamin C, and I am wondering would taking raw fruit be as beneficial, say in a smoothie, and what particular fruits might be used, I find bananas, tomatoes to be beneficial. I am wondering if mammograms or anything like this could have an effect on this ESR number/inflammation, as I have not really felt 100% since having one. I am finding that the use of the steroids makes me feel quite exhausted/and prone to sweats so I am grateful for your help. Many thanks

Antibiotics do not cure viral infections, but viruses do lower the patient’s resistance to bacterial infections. When such a combined infection occurs, antibiotics may be recommended. When an antibiotic is prescribed, it should be taken as the physician directs for the full course (usually 7-10 days). Otherwise the infection may not be completely eliminated, and could return. Some children will experience recurrent infection despite antibiotic treatment. When some of these are strep infections or are severe, your child may be a candidate for a tonsillectomy.

Liquid steroid for croup side effects

liquid steroid for croup side effects


liquid steroid for croup side effectsliquid steroid for croup side effectsliquid steroid for croup side effects