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Initial reviews of Caprica were overwhelmingly positive, calling the show an intellectual puzzle propelled by human emotion, as opposed to just flashy visuals. Sadly, these positive reviews could not save Caprica , and the promising series produced only 19 episodes. After a mid-season hiatus, the ratings fell below a million viewers per episode and unfortunately Syfy pulled the remaining shows from their schedule. Though the series was meant to be accessible to new fans, its connection to Battlestar Galactica may have alienated potential audience members. The series was later released in its entirety on home media.

*A story that is true to the country it is set in- Nothing annoys me more, when I click on what sounds like a great fic, if I find that the characters can't even talk properly. I realise that there are a lot of American writers on this site, so it is only natural that 'Americanisms' are common in fan fiction, but one thing that irks me more than anything else is when British characters start to use words that only an American would say. That is not to say I hate all Americanisms. If it is the 'narrator' that is using words such as 'sidewalk' instead of 'pavement', or 'gas station' instead of 'petrol station', or even if the writer uses American spelling, then it really doesn't bother me. However, if you have a British character (. Harry Potter) saying things like 'Mom' and 'sneakers' and have him eating pancakes for breakfast (we don't really do that over here) then he's no longer in character. It doesn't take much to do a little research to find out how a British person would say something, and it makes the world of difference to a fic in my opinion.

Set in the fog-shrouded underworld of the Victorian London, Penny Dreadful truly has everything: mystery, magic, monsters, mad science, mediums and mysticism. It’s a glorious mess that cherry-picks the best elements from the classic Victorian horror stories. In first season alone we get to see Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) Dr. Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) and his monster (Rory Kinnear) all involved in a tale about demon-possessed Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) and the veteran explorer Sir Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton), who were both scarred by their encounter with the minions of Dracula.

Lattimer steroids

lattimer steroids


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