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Then you look at what Alibaba is doing with Sesame Credit , a social credit system. It overlays your basic credit profile with your social media behavior and gives you a score. If a young man is playing video games for 5 hours a day, his social credit will go down. If a young woman is posting political content on WeChat, her score will go down. If you cross the street in Shanghai and get caught jaywalking by a surveillance camera, it goes down. It's a means for creating social compliance. People are using [the scores] for dating apps, to show they are sociable, marriage-able young people.

We flew up up to New York—he was living in North Carolina at the time—and he calls me from the hotel. He says, "I can't make it on the air. I'm too sick. I'm throwing up." I said, "I'll come and get you." He said, No. Johnny, I can't do it. You've got to fill in for me." I said, "Jimmy, I ain't filling in for you, baby. I'm coming to get you." When I got to the room, he was still saying he couldn't do it, but I just wouldn't listen. He said he couldn't even tie his tie, so I tied it. Then I told him we were going. We wound up carrying him into the cab. When we got to Radio City, he saw the crowd and he began to gain his strength.

The Justice Department plays a huge role in asset forfeiture through its  Equitable Sharing Program . The program is far from constitutional, but the backers of the “thin blue line”  and the “war on drugs”  care little about human rights. The program allows state and local police to have their forfeiture cases “adopted” by the federal government. When the feds take over the case, the seized money is put into the equitable sharing pool.  In return, the department gets up to 80 percent  of those funds back. The equitable sharing program distributes hundreds of millions of dollars a year to police departments around the country,  giving police more tools to steal even more money and  trample the rights and freedom of otherwise peaceful people.

Jimmy steroids speech

jimmy steroids speech


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