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The Vikings played their first game at the Metrodome in a preseason matchup against the Seattle Seahawks on August 21, 1982 in a game Minnesota won, 7–3. [1] The first touchdown in the new facility was scored by Joe Senser on an 11-yard pass from Tommy Kramer . [1] The first regular-season game in the Metrodome was the 1982 opener on September 12, when the Vikings defeated Tampa Bay , 17–10. Rickey Young scored the first regular-season touchdown in the facility on a 3-yard run in the 2nd quarter. [1] That year the defense led by Joey Browner began a dominant 10-year run as a premier NFL defense. The Vikings beat the St. Louis Cardinals 28-10 on August 6, 1983 at Wembley Stadium in London in the very first international game in the NFL.

Josiah Nelson: 208 carries, 1053 yards, 11 TD, 3 Two Pt Conv
Christian Kurth: 59 carries, 316 yard, 6 TD
Tyler Schiller: 71 carries, 294 yards, 3 TD
Hayden Jensen: 31 carries, 245 yards, 6 TD
Maguire Petersen: 36 carries, 239 yards, 5 TD
Lane Glaser: 47 carries, 177 yards
Harry Shannon: 17 carries, 61 yards
Kiaron McGraw: 17 carries, 58 yards
Russell Corrigan: 15 carries, 55 yards, 2 TD
Ty Glaser: 4 carries, 18 yards
Max Petersen: 3 carries, 11 yards
Austin Dettman: 1 carry, 11 yards
Brooks Telecky: 2 carries, 0 yards
Collin Nagel: 2 carries, (-3) yards

Hutchinson mn football steroids

hutchinson mn football steroids


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