Epharma steroids review

They suggest that it’s an underground lab, and that it even admits to selling counterfeit drugs and fake products.
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My first order with him was for the 45iu nords a few months back. He sent them out and gave me tracking the same day. I cant remember exactly how long it took but it wasnt the shortest t/a. But I cant blame him they sat in customs forever. He did his part and couldnt have done better. The second order for the genos was quicker. Once again I got them a while ago so i cant remember exactly but it was noticeably better then the first order. I think it was around 3 weeks. And This past order was the quickest. 14 days from placing the order till delivery. But every time he sends them basically the same day because of the time difference. Cant do shit about the post. But products have always came wrapped up nice, safe and discrete.

Epharma steroids review

epharma steroids review