Documental sobre esteroides

In the science fiction thriller The Omega Man (1971), Colonel Robert Neville (played by Charlton Heston ) is seen traveling to a movie theatre in Los Angeles to screen the film for himself alone. Woodstock had been a recent film debuting prior to release of The Omega Man , and had been held over (continuously run) in some theaters for months. Neville darkly remarks the film is so popular it was "held over for the third straight year". As he repeats some of the dialogue verbatim, it is clear that Neville has repeated the ritual many times during the two years that he has believed himself to be the last man alive on Earth. Referencing the ground breaking, never before made, nature of the film Neville wryly reverses it to "they don't make films like that any more", a platitude common because of a new style of films emerging at the time.

very complex problem, did I hear right when he also said 7 offcers on the side ? !.. then there is the case that airlines are in on it, that really says alot about security in airports, just dig around this site( documentary heaven) and all the cover – ups,conspiracy and it’s not hard to know how it works. I agree about the and Canada being consumers and that the poor will make an easy choice. there penal system is also a joke , that has to be adressed also, it did look like a vacation colony in there with real shitty rooms, then again I have real shitty hotels in mexico, just the same,maybe capital punishment could be a bit of a solution,most likely not but… when the problem is that big you know that there is more to it then meets the eye and that banks , government and yes…corporations are involved.

Documental sobre esteroides

documental sobre esteroides


documental sobre esteroidesdocumental sobre esteroidesdocumental sobre esteroidesdocumental sobre esteroidesdocumental sobre esteroides