Diet plan for first steroid cycle

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I am on day 2. Day 1 started fine, since I stayed busy and tried to be out of the house even just window shopping, I walked ALOT. Every 4-6 hrs I noticed I was hungry so I’d go home and eat the next meal. Today, was a little tough because I felt a little weak but I saved the banana and ice cream for the end of the day (dessert). It was so good I mixed the banana into the ice cream. Nice treat and balanced my sugar levels. I haven’t weighed myself and won’t until day 4 but I was trying on clothes today and I felt a slight difference in my body already. I’m following it strictly and wish me luck to finish it tomorrow night. I am excited to know if it shows a reduction on the scale and if so I will continue it 4 days off and 3 days on. I wish everyone luck that wishes to try it!

Diet plan for first steroid cycle

diet plan for first steroid cycle


diet plan for first steroid cyclediet plan for first steroid cyclediet plan for first steroid cyclediet plan for first steroid cyclediet plan for first steroid cycle